Lessons from working with a Loft Conversion Company

I am a carpenter and roofer by trade and worked in construction for many years.

carpentry on a roof extension

When I worked for a great little loft conversion company in London I learned a few valuable life lessons.

The first thing I learned was that people most often underestimated the cost it took to complete their conversion. We would often turn up to a home, talk through the job, what fittings they wanted, and how much structural change was needed for the conversion, and when it came to giving them an estimate, they were often struck dumb. It was far more than they expected.

The funny thing was that this loft conversion company was relatively cheap, because they worked efficiently. Anyway they certainly aren’t the most expensive.

I don’t know what it is but most people greatly underestimate how much work is needed to complete anything and end up dropping a plan or quitting half way through.

It seems to a generally tendency that people look at how little work they can get away with or how little money they might be able to spend when approaching something they really want.

In the case of loft conversions they read the part where someone says it will cost between £20,000 and £45,000 and expect their dream loft space to materialise for £21,000.

More often that not anything that is worth doing requires way more work and money than the average.

And who wants average anyways?

Blah to average. Aim for the best and prepare to put in the work and money. It’s way more satisfying and the only way to have a great life. I’ve tried just bumbling along in life and it sucks.

The only way to get the inspiration flowing is to go all out and aim for the best.

I.e If you want beautiful hardwood and marble finished to your bathroom – go for it.

The second thing I learned was that people often see spending money as an expense rather than an investment.

Sure there are luxuries in life that are just pure expense, like golf, fine dining  and yahts but don’t underestimate the inspiration that can come from those activities. Not to mention the business networking potentials that are very well known.

Anyway getting back to loft conversions, a lot of people would see the huge bill of £35,000 and freakout thinking that they had just lost a huge chunk of capital. More often than not  however a year later they realised that their property had gone up £70,000. So it actually turned out to be a shrewd investment.

Those people who decided not to convert their lofts ended up kicking themselves.

So the lessons I learned were to go all out for what you really want, work out a way to afford it, and learn to spend money on things that really bring you a return on investment.

Oh and if you get a chance make sure you convert your loft – as it will definitely pay off in the long run.



Hello world!

This is a blog about home improvement services, although I’m sure you will agree that it has a slightly unusual name.  Many years ago my grandfather told me a story of how he travelled through America and ended up volunteering at the Naugatuck Fire Fighters for a summer, mainly because he wanted to impress a local girl who ended up becoming his wife and my grandmother. I always thought the Naugatuck Fire Fighters, was a great name that conjured up the romance and bravery of a band of young men doing good. Protecting their local area. In fact I once formed a rock band at school, and we called ourselves The Naugatuck Fire Fighters. All that is now  a distant memory but as fortune would have it, when searching online for the name I came across the website for sale and decided to buy it and start a blog.

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